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Trading the Crypto Markets Becomes Easy when you have the Right Tools! Our Toolkit Makes Crypto Trading Profitable and Fun!

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Profit Builder is a trading resource platform serving a community of more than 20,000 crypto traders. Most of our clients report a great improvement in the trading outcome. Our toolkit helps traders identify crypto trends and capitalize upon them.

All the Profit Builder tools are categorized according to user experience. Newbies can use the tools to build profitable trades right from the start. Our educational resources centre helps beginners to master the crypto trading process fast. Becoming a pro-crypto trader with us is easy for those who are ready to follow instructions.

Enjoy the Best Platform and Trading Conditions to Speculate on Hundreds of Crypto Assets Like a Pro!

Profit Builder offers its tools through the best trading platforms. We’ve partnered with top CFDs brokers to ensure that our clients access the best trading platforms in the market. These brokers also provide perfect volatility trading conditions.  All signals generated through the Profit Builder toolkit are executed through quality liquidity.

What is Trading Liquidity?

Trading liquidity refers to the matching of buy and sell orders. A trade is executed when the buy and the sell orders are matched. Poor liquidity means that there are more sell orders than buy orders. This leads to a delay in order execution and negative slippage. Quality liquidity ensures that all orders are executed instantly.

The Profit Builder App is Compatible with Your Android, iOS or Android Smartphone! Register to Download the App!

Profit Builder helps you trade crypto on your smartphone. We operate through the powerful native trading apps provided by our partners. This means that you can access our toolkit on your smartphone or tablet. Also provided are a web trader and a desktop app.

The Profit Builder desktop app is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.  Our toolkit is also available in a web-trader compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Safari.  Register now to access the Profit Builder App download link.

Profit Builder is Viral on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Sites! We are Proud of the Amazing Feedback!

Profit Builder is available in 120+ countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and Africa. We have gone viral in many countries thanks to our happy clients reporting amazing trading returns. You can read the Profit Builder reviews on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

We have helped many newbies join the ranks of successful crypto traders in less than a month of using our toolkit. Join us now to enjoy the best crypto trading technologies for free. Profit Builder reduces trading risk but doesn’t eliminate it.

Register now to Access the Profit Builder Toolkit for Free! Only Pay a Trading Commission when you are Profitable!

Profit Builder offers the opportunity to trade volatility profitably. Our toolkit provides the resources for advanced trading research and effective risk management. Risk management is the first determinant of success in crypto trading.

The volatile crypto markets are super risky to trade. This means that only traders who can control the trading risk succeed. The Profit Builder toolkit helps you reduce trading risk by more than 50%.


Signing up with Profit Builder only takes a few minutes. Fill out our registration form and verify the contact information as required. You must also complete a KYC process with our partner broker as prompted. We encrypt all data on registration.

Account funding

The minimum balance required to access our toolkit through our partner broker is $250. You must complete the deposit process to access the trading tools. Funding can be through debit or credit cards, e-wallets, or Bitcoin. Funding your account is free!

Live trading

Profit Builder is integrated with trading software provided by an underlying broker. You can only use the toolkit through the trading platform offered by our partner broker. Applying the toolkit to your crypto trading is extremely easy.

There are Many Reasons to Consider Profit Builder in Your Crypto Trading Journey! Try us License-free!

Profit Builder offers access to the latest crypto trading strategies. We have helped thousands of crypto fans trade their favourite digital currencies successfully. There are tens of reasons to try our trading toolkit today.

Amazing trading results

We have helped many crypto fans enjoy the fullest potential of crypto trading. Those who trade with our toolkit report the best returns. We help newbies build and test signals in the best global liquidity. This liquidity is facilitated by our market-maker partners.

Fast order execution

Crypto prices change fast given their sensitivity to news. Orders must therefore be executed at lightning speeds to avoid slippage. We execute all signals through fast-paced trading platforms. This ensures zero slippage and maximum utilization of trading opportunities.

Low trading risk

You can count yourself among the successful traders if you can manage the trading risk. The Profit Builder tools help users reduce trading risk significantly. Many experts have tested our platform and concluded that it lowers the trading risk by more than 50%.

Transparent trading environment

We ensure transparency by working with quality CFDs brokers. These brokers adhere to strict regulatory guidelines in all countries of operation. We also enhance transparency by recording all the activities performed through our tools on a public ledger.

How do i succeed in crypto trading as a newbie?

Many beginner crypto traders fail due to a lack of a proper trading plan. Building an effective trading plan is not easy. You need a technical trading background to build an effective trading plan through the traditional method. But you don’t have to worry if you are a newbie since there are solutions that support newbie traders.

Profit Builder helps newbies succeed in crypto trading. Our toolkit makes trading research quite easy. We help beginners build and test their trading strategies. Strategy testing happens through our innovative demo platform. Contact us, and learn everything you need!

Do i need a crypto wallet to trade?

Crypto trading is different from crypto investment. Investment is a long-term process that involves buying an asset at a lower price and selling it when the prices rise. The goal is to realize a capital gain. You need to hold a crypto asset in a wallet for the long term to realize significant gains. It’s advisable to store your crypto in a cold wallet to avoid hacking.

You don’t need a wallet to trade digital currencies. Trading involves speculating on short-term price movements. Many trading platforms allow you to speculate on rising and falling prices. Crypto trading is facilitated by a financial broker.

How do i identify the best crypto to trade?

There are 22000+ digital currencies today. Unfortunately, many of these cryptos are useless since they lack the liquidity required for investing and trading. You should determine if crypto has enough liquidity before investing or trading it. Check the crypto’s market capitalization to determine if it has enough liquidity.

High market cap digital currencies offer the best liquidity. Bitcoin is the most liquid digital currency given that it has the highest market capitalization. Many less-known digital currencies have enough liquidity for fast-paced trading.

Does technical analysis work in crypto trading?

The technical analysis method is popular in all online trading. This trading approach mostly involves a study of historical price data to detect trends. The trends are then used to predict future price movements. Experts report that the price action technique is the most lucrative in all online trading.

This trading technique is becoming highly popular in crypto trading. Trading tools such as those provided by Profit Builder make this trading technique easy to implement. You can test the quality of your price trend signals on the demo before going live.

How does news trading work in crypto trading?

News trading is another highly effective fast-paced trading technique. This technique involves an in-depth study of breaking news and its impact on volatility. The goal is to determine how the prices respond to specific news and use that information to predict future price movements.

You need the right tools to implement the news-trading technique effectively. The best tools should make it possible to capture and trade the news within a microsecond. This is because the crypto markets adjust to the news within a fraction of a second.

How do i manage crypto trading risk?

Risk management is crucial in all online trading. Most traders fail because they lack the tools and the skills to manage risk effectively. You need a robust risk management plan and tools to minimize crypto trading risk. Most brokers offer basic risk management tools but do not provide any information to help newbies build an effective risk control plan.

Profit Builder provides risk management education and tools to help you cut down trading risk by more than 50%. Please note that the trading risk is minimized but not entirely eliminated. Treat all online trading as highly risky and don’t stake more than you can afford to lose.

Profit Builder is Available in 120+ Countries Globally! Trade with us to leap the Benefits of the Rising Crypto Volatility!

We have secured partnerships with CFDs brokers across the globe to offer our toolkit in over 120 countries globally. Profit Builder started its Journey in London UK in 2014. We expanded to 13 countries in the first year of operation and 60+ countries by the 5th year of operation.

Our toolkit is currently accessible from over 120 countries. You can check if we are available in your country by attempting to register on this site. Only traders in supported countries can register on the Profit Builder website.

We’ve perfected our tools to support you in your crypto CFDs trading journey. Our toolkit helps you build powerful trades easily and test them on a demo. The toolkit helps newbies build multiple trades simultaneously and execute them in quality liquidity. Liquidity is a vital ingredient of successful crypto trading.

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🤖 Provider TypeAssets, Bitcoin and other cryptos
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💰 Withdrawal FeesNo fees to pay
📊 Type of PlatformProprietary platform, Web-based
💳 Deposit OptionsPayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
🌎 CountriesMost Countries – Except USA

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